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posted by - Monday, 02 March 2009
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Planning Metadata is a file that contains metadata about the clips to be shot and recorded. To use Planning Metadata, you will need to save a file in advance in the specified location on a XDCAM Pro Disc or USB Flash Drive and load the file into the PDW-700.

Follow the instruction below to create a Planning Metadata XML file and upload it to your camera.

1) Enable Planning Metadata in the Camera Menu.

  • Enter the Operation Menu
  • Enter the File Naming Menu
  • Change Naming Form to “Free”
  • Change Auto Naming to “Plan”

2) Create an XML file using this script.

  • Enter in a Metadata Title, which is the name of the XML file to be created
  • Enter your name as the creator of the XML file
  • Enter Title 1 and/or Title 2. This can be anything you want up to 52 characters in length.

3) Copy your XML file to a XDCAM Disc or USB Flash Drive.

  • On the XDCAM Disc, copy the file to the General/Sony/Planning directory
  • On a USB Flash Drive, create the same structure (General/Sony/Planning) and copy the file there

4) Load the Disc into the PDW-700 or attach the USB Flash Drive.

5) Enter the Disc Menu of the PDW-700.

  • Flip down the side cover to reveal the Thumbnail controls
  • Hold the Shift button and press the Disc Menu button

6) Go to the Load Planning Metadata menu item.

7) Choose between either the XDCAM Disc or USB Flash Drive.8) Select the Planning File you just created.

That’s it. Now your clips will contain the metadata you just loaded. To clear the metadata just go back to the Disc Menu (step 5) and choose ‘Clear Planning Metadata’.

You can use this Metadata script to make as many files as you need.

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