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posted by - Sunday, 15 February 2009

Panasonic AJ-HRW10 P2 Rapid Writer

Another Panasonic product! The P2 Rapid Writer. This is a portable P2 storage system (DC 12V – so you can attach a battery plate to the back). It includes the new P2 five card reader, a touch screen LCD, and two open bays for a RAID 1 hard drive system.

The rapid writer will quickly copy P2 material from the 5 card reader onto the Raid 1 system. It also has confidence playback off the drives to check your transferred footage. Footage can be downloaded off the system directly via its gigabyte ethernet connection.

The system does not ship with two drive bays like the picture above shows. This may seem like a problem at first, but the drive bays are inexpensive items that you should choose based on your editorial system. Any SATA enclosure will do the trick, and you won’t be tied into using any particular drive system. One example:

The WiebeTech RTX100 system would work perfectly. Your editor could use this at home by installing an drive reader in their desktop. Or the drives could go into a RTX400 External Enclosure, or the bare drives can be read using the UltraDock.

That’s just one example, but this versatile product will work well with any P2 work flow.

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