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posted by - Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The CamTram portable dolly allows for creative camera moves and mounting solutions in challenging environments and on a budget. In these video segments, you will learn the basics of the CamTram System and discover some of its many applications.

Part I – CamTram 2500 Overview

Learn what’s new in the CamTram 2500. This video demonstrates the process of assembling the CamTram and discusses the proper use of optional accessories. You’ll also see many of the camera mounting possibilities that are available with the CamTram System. Approx: 00:05:40

Part II – Using Ladder as Dolly Track

With the CamTram, you supply your own track according to your needs and what’s available on location. This video explains the benefits of using a common extension ladder as track and features footage captured using this method. Approx: 00:02:10

Part III – Other Track Ideas

Don’t have a ladder? Here are a few other suggestions for track including common 3/4” pipe fittings, U-channel aluminum and 2”x4” wood planks. Using the CamTram high-hat on a ladder is also demonstrated. Approx: 00:10:05


Part IV – CamTram in Live Venues

Learn how CamTram can make your next sporting event or live performance shoot a breeze. You’ll learn tips like using remote focus and zoom control with the CamTram and how you can easily adjust your camera position. Approx: 00:01:10

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