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posted by - Friday, 30 May 2008

Here are the latest software releases for Aaton cameras and related electronic accessories.

Aaton Cameras
Aaton35-III, 4-Perf  timecode: V 2.90  
Aaton35-III, 3-Perf  timecode: V 2.70  
35 Magazine   MAG 2.10  
XTRprod   lightmeter: PROD 3  timecode: XP 6.14
XTRplus, triphase (75fps model)  lightmeter: 3.0  timecode: XT 4.20
XTRplus, biphase (60fps model)  lightmeter: 3.0  timecode: MX 3.60
XTR  lightmeter: V 8A (footage counter),
V 8 (metric counter)
 timecode: MX 3.60
Aaton Color CCD
CD56 (for 35-III)  NTSC version: V 3.11  PAL version: V 3.13
VR46 (for XTRprod)  NTSC version: V 3.11  PAL version: V 3.13
AatonCode Devices
OriginCplus  OC 10  
GMT-S  GMT 04  
ScriptLink  SL 1.19  
AatonCoder for ArriBL  AR 1.06  
AatonCoder for MovieCam  MO 1.04  
AatonCoder for Panavision  PV 1.00  
Keylink   KY 6.70  
InDaw   V 3.30  
Ambient Recording
Clockit Slate   V 3.07  
Intervalometer  Aaton unit: V 2.0  
Speed Synchronizer   V 2.0  

For any further questions regarding these or earlier software releases, please contact our technical staff at service@abelcine.com

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