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posted by - Sunday, 02 April 2006
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For more than 25 years, DP extraordinaire Ken Woo has been bringing us up close and personal stories from Olympic, professional, and amateur athletes from around the world. These days, Ken finds himself shooting primarily HD with his VariCam or Super16 with the Aaton XTRprod, with a healthy dose of DigiBeta thrown in.

As a fourteen time Emmy award winning Director of Photography, camera operator and field producer, Ken Woo has captured some of the most riveting images we have seen from events like the Tour de France, IronMan Triathlon, the Masters, SuperBowl, Final Four, Kentucky Derby, and the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

“As much as I’ve covered such great events, the most satisfying aspect of my work is really the human interest stories,” states Ken, who’s resume includes Kenyan marathon runner Kip Keno, Olympic downhiller Bill Johnson, cyclist Greg Lemond, baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, and figure skater Michelle Kwan.

Ken Woo“I find the stories of lesser known people tend to have an even greater impact on us than athletes we all know,” states Ken. “Telling their story with images – their lives, their struggles, their triumphs – can really inspire us to overachieve…not just in a competition, but in life as well.”

Ken has also taken his cameras inside the pyramids of Egypt, atop the Great Wall of China, through the deserts of Mongolia, and across the plains of the Serengeti.“ From week to week, I find myself in such a wide range of situations, that I’ve really come to rely on the great support that the folks at Abel always provide,” states Ken.

“Abel is not only my resource for camera, lenses and film supplies, but the technical assistance on the VariCam I always get from guys like Jesse Rosen and the tech staff have come in handy in critical situations.

Ken Woo“When I’m shooting HD, I often refer my clients directly to Abel for frame rate conversions of DVCPRO HD or HD downconverts to DigiBeta. I’m very comfortable knowing that they’ll be well taken care of and the results will be exactly what I was looking for.

“I can always tell Ken Woo’s footage the minute I see it,” says Vedran Sehovic of Abel’s Post Services dept. “His framing and distinctive look, also the way he moves the camera…there’s not many sports shooters working at Ken’s creative level. I think you can count them on one hand.”

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