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posted by - Wednesday, 25 January 2006
The CamTram System is a highly versatile and portable camera dolly and mounting system. This exquisitely engineered and rugged dolly is simple to set up in situations where a more conventional dolly wouldn’t be at home. When you’re working in rugged terrain, short on time, or on a budget, the CamTram will allow you to get truly impressive dolly shots.

The CamTram System

CamTram was designed using manufacturing techniques and engineers from the aerospace industry with the critical input of countless DPs, ACs, Gaffers, Keys and Riggers from all genres of the production industry. This ensures that the CamTram will become more valuable to you every time you use it.

The CamTram sets up quickly, is smooth and quiet, and can be configured multiple ways – as a Hi/Lo hat that can be used alone or on the dolly, to run on track, or on a banquet table or countertop, or along the floor. The best thing about the CamTram is its adaptability and versatility, which allows you exercise your creativity. The CamTram is designed to run on any set of ridged parallels that are 13” to 30” inches apart. (Note: This has been modified to 6″ to 24″ apart on the new CamTram 2500.)

DP Kevin LombardWith the CamTram, you supply the track. The common extension ladder is an excellent choice, because it is easily accessible and quite rigid. Other choices are sets of 3/4” to 2” pipe, or even two 2x4s nailed together. No matter where you are you can always have a dolly on hand. The CamTram comes packed in its own custom Pelican 1600 case, so its easy to travel with.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality either for this extraordinary adaptability. The CamTram is beautifully engineered and features eight soft rubber tires mounted to an adjustable chassis with a passive rocker suspension system. The CamTram also features parking brakes and a quick and effective cable management system.

The CamTram System was originally developed for the documentary and the high-end ENG/EFP market. That is for professionals who must travel light, don’t always know where they are going or what they are going to find until they get there, yet still hold high expectations of themselves and the resulting production. However, CamTram’s designers are finding that even artists who have the luxury of location scouting and a 5-ton grip truck are designing innovative shots and moves with the system.

CamTram is available to purchase or rent from Abel Cine Tech.

For more information, including a demo video, visit www.camtramsystem.com.

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